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03-08-2019, 06:56 AM
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03-08-2019, 10:50 AM
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Since my puter hardware is older, I cannot speak from experience but can offer a guess, that is, when a player's hardware is capable of very hi fps, the player's movements may appear "glide" like, that is, extremely smooth. It may also be related to ping (his is very low) and throughput quality on his connection. The higher the fps, the more data a machine will send to the server regarding player position/activity, so he does not appear in the demo like other players with higher pings and slower machines running lower fps.

I've seen this phenomenon before. I don't think he is jumping super high, but he does seem to "float" a bit more than others. I've read that fps in excess of 125 can produce some different results in online play, e.g., some things in cod4 can only be done if your machine can run >125 fps.

I run my machine at 125 fps, and can speak from experience that when my connection is lower quality (which is most of the time, ty comcrap) some things do not look/react the same, regardless of ping being less than 50 ms. A lot of the time, it seems like I am running around on ice, movement controls are not responsive, then other times, it is better. My AK47 seems to rapid fire slower in game most of the time, then once in a blue moon, it fires more rapidly, with no explanation for this that I can figure out. Sometime I try to jump a wall and it takes me 2 or 3 times hitting the "jump" key to get a response for my player to make the jump. What I am certain about is that my connection to the server via Comcrap is constantly changing routes, which makes for variable delays in data transmission and can result in out of order data packets either sent to or received from the Server. The shorter the distance (the fewer "hops" via internet routing) to the server, i.e. low pingers, the better the game play and responsiveness at that location.

The other thing one has to consider is that all gaming takes place via the exchange of UDP data packets, which are not guaranteed to reach their destination, unlike TCPIP data packets which are guaranteed delivered and in the right order, but TCPIP requires more time/latency to achieve this ideal result. So clearly, the quality of the connection has a direct impact on gaming results. You may be aware of the cod4 setting to enable/disable duplicate packets, this is included in the game for poor bastards like me who are stuck with comcrap and our UDP data packets end up in the internet ether or byte bucket at times. This setting forces cod4 to send duplicate data packets in an attempt to thwart the loss of UDP packets and improve the overall gaming feel/responsiveness. The negative aspect is duplicate packets also doubles data connection loading.

What I can speak about from experience is that when I had DSL, my ping was ultra stable and gaming was better even at higher pings. Once I moved and no longer had DSL, comcrap is my only option in this area, online gaming is not as good or "stable" so to speak. Nothing like sharing bandwidth via a comcrap trunk feed with the entire neighborhood.

Just my 2c worth.
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03-08-2019, 11:24 PM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2019 11:30 PM by
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What he is doing is known as strafe jumping. Strafe jumping is another quirk of the engine CoD4 runs on. Basically it's a specific type of jump that requires using your strafe keys in combination with the right mouse movements. You essentially gain momentum to jump even farther than just sprinting and jumping normally and if chained properly, you can move really fast.

Like RSN said, at certain framerate caps some interesting results happen. Most common being 125, 250, and 333. At these framerates you can essentially either jump farther or higher depending on what you choose. 333 is the odd one as it essentially gives you the best of both worlds. However, anything above 333 actually has a negative impact.

When you combine these framerate caps along with strafe jumping, you can essentially move the way he does. It is not super easy to strafe jump and requires a decent amount of practice. A lot of Promod players learned to play like this as it allows them to move much quicker and get in positions faster which is kind of essential for matches.

Also on a little bit of a side note. Speed and gravity are server side variables. It's kind more or less impossible for someone to actually have a speed or gravity hack because of this. That's why you only see aimbots and no recoil for the most part because all of that is essentially handled on the client to reduce server load. To this day I've never actually seen someone running a speed or gravity hack on a normal server.
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