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To all players on our sever We as zA member are humans and make mistakes.
01-26-2019, 01:14 PM
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To all players on our sever We as zA member are humans and make mistakes.
So i seen on discord and the website something happened last night with Steve EH getting banned, and Steve EH saying i banned a regular player or something.

Im not sure what happened but seen BlueTargetTV replay this to Steve Post with this

"Can we just put a stop to banning long time regulars for stuff like this? It's honestly getting silly at this point. Steve wasn't spamming for trolling purposes in game, he was just trying to get Ben's attention. I was also messaging him in game every few minutes to see if he would catch the message. The 'spam' on Discord was literally nothing. He pinged Ben twice, and dropped a few gifs/emojis in the chat (absolutely nothing egregious).

If we're going to continue banning users that have been in the server/community for years upon years, the majority of zA should be behind the decision (which I don't feel you'll find here)."

I seen this as disrespect full due to the fact that players don't understand what it's like to be a sever admin. I see this disrespectful to all active zA members because

we as members have to try to keep a server clean for a 11 year old game in witch has no anti cheat anymore. Due to the fact that we need to run a cracked server to get people to play there is no punkbuster. So if your a player who has been here for a while and are really good and you go under a different name don’t be surprised if we may suspect you as a cheater. Especially when you go run around with a sniper. Snipers make it even harder because cheaters use Roccat hacks that essentially give them the ability to hit most shots if their crosshairs are close enough to the player target box programmed in the hack. Also Most Roccat hacks have setting to change how close the crosshairs have to be to make it guaranteed hit so it makes our job even harder.

We know some players are really good at the game. Nomade Unknow is a great example he is always doing good on the server but never changes his name so we do not need to question if he was hacking. I’m also a great example because sometimes when I go to hop on the server and see no zA players are on I go under cover under a different name and play a few games. When doing that I have been called a hacker before and in game all i did was type @admins in chat to show i was not hacking.

Besides me one of our older admins who doesn't play anymore named Coach used to have the same thing happened to him. I seen a couple times where someone in game actually submitted a Demo of him undercover to our website.

The point i'm trying to make is if you fuck around on the server and troll or play good under another name don't get offended if someone considers you hacking. We as zA members are essentially the anti cheat for the server and unfortunately we as humans can make mistakes.

Here is a great quote but just modified a little bit

“Of course we make mistakes. We're humans. If we didn't make mistakes, we’d never learn. You can only go forward by making mistakes .” - Alexander McQueen.

Original quote “ Of course I make mistakes. I'm human. If I didn't make mistakes, I'd never learn. You can only go forward by making mistakes”

The point i'm trying to make with that quotes is zA is run by humans and we make mistakes but learn from them and grow. zA as a whole has definitely screwed up before but we are still here many years later because we have learned and try to make our server better from our mistakes. With a game as old as Cod 4 and having a good server with as many players as we on a daily basis I would say we're doing a DAM GOOD JOB RUNNING THIS SERVER.

We want to Run a professional server here to make sure our core players keep playing and if you dick around I'm sorry you got upset we were just trying to keep this server up and running in good condition.

Cod 4 isn’t getting any younger and if anything the player base will keep slowly trickling down and down and I want to keep enjoying playing this game until it meets its End of life.

I was going to put this under the members only section but i feel everyone needs to read this.

I got on today and seen what was up and honestly felt like I should just hang up my zA badge. Then I said to my self fuck that because we do so much to run this game and i feel everyone should be aware. I have personally been playing on this sever since it was NY Dom and not zA Dom and have been a part of our website since august of 2013 then in march of 2014 joined zA.

So I will not deny that i have made mistakes but i made mistakes to make sure the sever made it this far, and so has the rest of the active zA members.

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01-26-2019, 08:06 PM
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RE: To all players on our sever We as zA member are humans and make mistakes.
There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed within the admin community. For one, a lot of the senior admins have not played or been seen on the server as often as they should. I think these admins should step down as "Active" senior admins and allow some of the long time full admins take their place. This doesn't mean they are losing their status, just that when they aren't seen for a long time, they aren't bothered within the server community. I know for sure that MikeEcho would make a wonderful senior admin as he is on the server quite a bit throughout the day and takes care of many of the hackers, including the ones that I have personally called out for hard to determine hacks. (Roccat, No Smoke, Binds, etc.)

Another thing is that there isn't enough full admins IMO. Yes, there is SAINTRICO, MikeEcho, BottleRocket, Ben Dover and Kille that I know regulate the server, but I think there is a lot more work than 5 full admins can handle. Especially when the senior admins are not around to help out with the workload the server provides. Even the moderators that were recently recruited aren't seen very often, especially on weekends. I understand people have lives, but there are a lot of hackers that could potentially be banned that ruin the experience for the rest of us.

Was BlueTargetTV's comment disrespectful? In a sense, yes, it was. There should be steps in place where it shows who is a regular and who is not. Admins have control over this and can see all the info when needed. A lot of recently banned/temp banned good players have lost their regular status and have not received it back, myself included. Playing under a different name should not be an issue especially when quite a few admins do it. Was the ban unnecessary? I believe it could have been avoided with a little more research on Ben's side, but I didn't see the gameplay he was demo recording. In the end, he was doing his job and I respect him for it. I just wish he would have responded to my "BEN!"s instead of falling off the side of the earth (He went afk literally right after). It might have prevented my ban as well, lol. Oh well, it's in the past but that is my comment on it.

I also played in the server when it was called NY Domination and not zA Domination. Those times seem to be so much simpler. For one, I wasn't as good as I am today, as I was just transferred from console over to PC. I had my fun, played quite a few games, and quit for a while. I came back a few years ago to zA and found many players that I used to play with. I love zA, it's one of the best servers out there currently. When I was mod status, I had a lot of people banned by full admins. I put many people on the follow list and many were banned eventually by Mike or another full admin. I would love to have the opportunity to help out with the server again if given the chance.

I have many more comments on many more issues but those are comments for another thread for another time.
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01-26-2019, 10:56 PM
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RE: To all players on our sever We as zA member are humans and make mistakes.
Everything SteveEH pointed out sounds about right. And, {zA}Ben Dover's
comments are right on point as well.
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01-27-2019, 01:08 AM
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RE: To all players on our sever We as zA member are humans and make mistakes.
Ben makes a good point all in all. I didn't intend to troll the server using other names, I simply changed them based on my perpetual memeing. However, I understand how getting flooded for admin assistance can be annoying and waste of time in certain cases. In the future, I won't use another name unless I am attempting to record a demo of a suspected cheater (if a time like that would ever need to be). I know I am not an admin, however having been on for a while I know there are times when if suspected cheaters see regulars, they may be less inclined to do anything suspicious. Having been on this community for as long as I can remember seeing ZA around, I know the admins have by far been some of the most fair and respectful admins seen on the CoD4 community as a whole. Even when suspicion arose towards myself, I have been treated significantly more fairly than I have by any other sub community out there, and I like to make it a point from time to time in the discord chat.

Thank you Ben for being professional and respectful throughout this whole ordeal despite not ever being obligated to! Smile

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01-27-2019, 11:33 AM
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RE: To all players on our sever We as zA member are humans and make mistakes.
Indeed some senior admins are not as active as we should be and Ben makes a valid point. As for me I am never far away, normally only a discord PM away. Any problems that you guys think needs my attention feel free to message me on discord.

As for the low amount of admins, feel free to message any of the admin if you wish to nominate someone to be admin. Same goes to members feeling that other members deserve a more senior role in the clan. Nominate them and things can go from there.

Also remember, that everyone is here to play a game. So have respect for everyone and if there is a problem don't fight it out in the server. Make a post so everyone can deliver an opinion and we can take it further from there.

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01-27-2019, 01:20 PM
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RE: To all players on our sever We as zA member are humans and make mistakes.

removing hackers one by one
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