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Sin Vee (Sinister V)
11-22-2018, 03:18 PM
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Sin Vee (Sinister V)
I know I already posted a video before about this guy, but I spec'd him last night after several players were accusing him of cheating. I'd like to get some input from others.

Here is a full match. I noticed awkward pauses between a lot of his deaths and I'm not certain if its him modifying particular cheats with in game or out of game menus. Also, most of his shots are not on target, yet land similar to Roccat.

In the same match a clip stood out to me when he gets stunned twice yet can move his camera freely onto enemies.

So I tested it to see if I could do the same.

During the first stuns I use 1.15 sensitivity with my mouse set to 12,000 dpi and tried to move.
I then switch to 30.0 in game sensitivity and try again with almost similar results. I wasn't able to move like he does during being stunned, however I am not sure if there is a trick to counter it like he did.

I could be wrong but I just wanted to make sure.

In game name "Phantom"

Twitch channel - channel -

Youtube channel (for demos) -
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11-23-2018, 07:20 AM
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RE: Sin Vee (Sinister V)
Yes, indeed....some of his shots did seem fairly off-target to land kills the way they did. remember, this is the SAME guy that started cheating one night because he THOUGHT somebody else was hacking. He had no proof at time...just accusations. So, he starts using scrollfire and Phantom posted here about it, I TBed him for the scrollfire. If he is some one who is constantly playing questionable games AFTER having already been busted for activating hacks because he was a sore that REALLY the kind of untrustworthy player we want sticking around. In my opinion--NO. Guy has already proven he can't be trusted. Remove him from our community is my vote.
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11-24-2018, 09:52 AM
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RE: Sin Vee (Sinister V)
After several questionable kills to my player by Sinv one day, I spec'd him and also observed a good quantity of off-target kills and found it to be very odd. I wrote it off at the time to my crappy internet which is on-again off-again with glitchy latency deviations causing quite a bit of momentary small delay time burps. Seems what I saw was more in line with what others are seeing.
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