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[OFFICIAL GUIDE] B3 Player Guide
04-06-2016, 04:14 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-14-2016, 01:07 PM by 11Snowman11.)
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B3 Player Guide
Zer0 Alpha B3 Player & Admin Guide


This guide is meant for all players who wish to know what commands they have access to as well as what they do in detail.
B3 is broken up into a level system. Each level grants access to more commands as well as the commands of the previous level.
Anyone who is a candidate for an administrative position most likely starts out at the moderator (20) level. You start out here mainly
so we can determine if you are worthy of handling more advanced features such as kicking, or banning.

One small thing to note before you move down is the use of the !.
It is the base of all commands related to B3. Simply put it before the command and B3 will interpret it.
If you put something that is not a command or a command that you do not have access to you will either receive a warning or error.


!admins - Displays a list of online admins.

!help - Displays a list of available commands. Also shows some info for an available command.
Usage: !help or !help [Command]

!maps - Displays the current maps in rotation.

!mapstats - Displays your stats on the current map.

!nextmap (!nm) - Shows what the next map in rotation is.

!regtest - Displays your registration information.

!rules - Displays a list of current server rules.

!seen - Displays a list of players based on the input and when they were last seen.
Usage: !seen [Name]

!testscore - Displays how many skill points you will be awarded for killing a player.
Usage: !testscore [Name/Slot] or !testscore @[ID]

!xlrstats - Displays either your own or another player's overall stats.
Usage: !xlrstats or !xlrstats [Name/Slot] or !xlrstats @[ID]


!poke - Pokes a player with a random message.
Usage: !poke [Name/Slot]

!xlrtopstats - Shows a list with the top three overall player's stats.
Note: Currently broken as the three players with the highest skill are actually just aimbots.


!aliases (!alias) - Shows a list of a players known aliases.
Usage: !alias [Name] or !alias @[ID]

!b3 - Displays the B3 version along with it's current up-time.

!checkfollow (!ckf) - Shows if any online player is on the follow list.
Note: This occurs once automatically every time you join the server if you are a moderator or higher.

!ci - Fail safe kick that will only work if a player's ping is 999.
Usage: !ci [Name/Slot]

!find (!f) - Locates a player's slot number or name based on the input given.
Usage: !f [Name/Slot]

!follow (!ff) - Adds a player to the follow database.
Usage: !ff [Name/Slot] or !ff @[ID]

!greeting - Sets or erases a custom message that will appear every time you connect to the server.
Usage: !greeting [Message] or !greeting [None]

!leveltest (!lt) - Checks what level a player is.
Usage: !lt [Name/Slot] or !lt @[ID]

!list - Displays all player's names and slot numbers currently on the server.

!listfollow (!lif) - Displays all current players in the follow database.
Note: Highly not recommended to use as our follow database is quite large.

!spam (!s) - Displays a preset message to the server from a shorthand list.
Note: The most common spams used are rule numbers.
Usage: !s Rule[#] or !s [Other]

!spams - Displays a list of all current shorthand spam messages.

!status - Displays if B3 database is up or down.

!topstats - Displays the top five players for the mapstats command.

!warn (!w) - Warns a player for a certain rule or message.
Usage: !w [Name/Slot] [Reason] or !w @[ID] [Reason]

!warninfo (!wi) - Displays the active warnings for a player.
Usage: !wi [Name/Slot] or !wi @[ID]

!warnremove (!wr) - Removes the last warn placed on a player.
Usage: !wr [Name/Slot] or !wr @[ID]

!warns - Displays a list of all current warn short cuts.

!warntest - Tests what a certain warn will output.
Note: Handy command to see what all the warn messages say.
Usage: !wt Rule[#] or !wt [Other]

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11-14-2016, 01:09 PM,
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RE: B3 Player Guide
This is the official Guide for all players that want to now more about B3.

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