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CORE PARKING - Windows 7 users read me!!!
11-21-2013, 08:15 AM,
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CORE PARKING - Windows 7 users read me!!!
Right well I was doing some tinkering and reading up to get BF4 working to the max. One of the things I came accross was a lovely bit of advice for Windows 7 64bit systems. Lets face it, unless you moved to Windows 8 or use a Mac, this is what you have.

Right well it turns out that windows 7 uses a feature called CORE PARKING. To put it simple its a way to save power to your system. After reading up about it and watching many youtube tuts on this subject I was confident on what to do so I taken a look at my rig to see what state it was in.

Out of 6 cores I had 4 parked. That means to put it simple that 2 thirds of my CPU was not being used? WTF I thought, why have I never noticed this? So I did as the many tuts say and there I go, I have all 6 of them churning away as they should have been from the start! My BF4 FPS rate almost trippled in a instant!

This isnt just for BF4, its for everything on your system. If you aint to fussed about saving a few dolphins or whatever hippies save nowdays then if you aint already... do it!

For more info on this or how to do it (simple), just goto youtube and put in CORE PARKING.

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