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Buying a new rig, any opinions ?
07-24-2012, 09:42 AM,
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Buying a new rig, any opinions ?
So I'm going to be building a new rig pretty soon, I have only a small budget which sucks, i'm still a student so I don't really get alot of money. So my budget is £500 (642 Euros, 775 USD)
This is what I came up for so far : Rig so far

if I could get any suggestions wether they could find a better rig for my small budget much would be appreciated Smile


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07-24-2012, 11:25 AM,
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RE: Buying a new rig, any opinions ?
what websites are you doing your shopping on? Also Do you have a spare HDD? Because if you can budget and SSD it would make your system as a whole run faster. Also are the braided SATA cables a must at the moment as those can always be bought later and the mobo should jcome with SATA cables. As for the graphics whats the price difference between the 6850 and the 7850/70? It maybe worth the extra few euros. Also for intel cooling on the cheap I have seen good numbers from the cooler master hyper 212. But if and aftermarket heatsink in not a big deal you can always use the OEM heatsink, and that can be upgraded in the future. Judging by your processor selection it doesn't apper you care about overclocking due to the cpu you choose is not a K series. K series overclocks non-K's don't so well. Have you thought about AMD rigs? for the same price point they should be pretty comparable.

With you giving the e-trailer your choosing to go with I can provide more useful information. I personlly am an AMD fanboy due to the price/performance ratio but intel chips have fallen in price quite a bit and it would be tempting if i didn't have to change mobo and CPU.

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07-24-2012, 12:10 PM,
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RE: Buying a new rig, any opinions ?
Thank you for such a great response, it was really useful.
I do have a spare HDD but its not very big unfortunately, its only a 150gb HDD, so a bigger hard drive is a must. Braided SATA cables I do not really care for, I just picked any old SATA cable. The difference between the 6850 and the 7850 is £100 :/ I was recommended that cooling by a friend who runs his own buisness so I trust him. Overclocking isn't that big on a deal for me, I just want to be able to play the games Smile I haven't really looked into AMD rigs, only their GPU's, if you could recommend me one it would be of great use =D As for the site I use : www.overclockers.co.uk


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