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» Blue Steel - Sun, 9:00AM -- Might have to transition ZA fun time to my laptop
» Blue Steel - Sun, 8:59AM -- Thanks Baka, I looked into going back to OS high sierra, painfull.
» - Fri, 4:27PM -- @Blue Steel... Oh wow, yes I believe you are out of luck. I looked into it a bit and it looks like they are just ending all 32 bit application support. The chance of Activision updating CoD4 to 64 bit are slim. The game is too old for them to care about.
» Blue Steel - Fri, 11:03AM -- Hey, I just completed upgrading my MAC to OS Catalina.... system says COD 4 needs to be updated (I think 32 bit to 64). Am I screwed?
» {zA}SAINT_RICO - Sun, 10:33PM -- That's the BEAUTY of the Juice Weasel!!
» {zA}SAINT_RICO - Wed, 11:38AM -- Sorry I was MIA for a bit, had wicked stomach flu
» ChicagoMike - Sun, 3:36PM -- Build a PC.
» Reaper2 - Thu, 11:59AM -- so I updated my MAC with the newest OS. Now I can't access COD4. Any suggestions? I am having withdrawals
» GIGA - Tue, 2:40PM -- Hello All
» Hikari Nozomi - Thu, 11:21AM -- Please let me in! =)
» {zA}SAINT_RICO - Wed, 12:51PM -- Euplay and Yomamma; thx for the demos
» ChicagoMike - Fri, 10:24PM -- The server is up and running. I have confirmed this by joining myself.
» {zA}Spray-N-Pray - Fri, 10:05PM -- Servers are paid and show as running, but someone with admin rights neds to log into the server and start the game program
» ChicagoMike - Fri, 9:39PM -- The server issue is being investigated. More information will be provided once information has been brought to light.
» TechGuy77 - Fri, 8:44PM -- Can a Server admin please update on on the status of the server? Did we run out of money?
» NOMADE UNKNOW - Fri, 5:03PM -- whats the trouble on server? I can help with something?
» Yomamma - Fri, 2:29PM -- Sad or Mad??
» PoopDawg - Fri, 12:50PM -- Sad
» PoopDawg - Fri, 12:50PM -- I am also sad the server is down!
» Yomamma - Fri, 6:48AM -- ETA on Server fix?
» [FHD]Scatmanpat - Thu, 7:44PM -- what's up with the server?
» TechGuy77 - Thu, 7:18PM -- Hello...I'm sad cause the server is down. Please fixy!
» PoopDawg - Thu, 2:19PM -- Servers off line?
» ChicagoMike - Fri, 10:02AM -- To which dumbass are you referring?
» {zA}SAINT_RICO - Tue, 12:00AM -- Ban the Dumb Bass that is ad spamming the forums
» {zA}lilkiduno - Wed, 9:25PM -- Holy sh*t Batman, it’s good to see some old names. Shout outs!!!!
» ChicagoMike - Tue, 9:06AM -- Stanley, please use the proper format in the correct forum thread for appealing a ban.
» Stanleyj06 - Sun, 11:37AM -- Hey, I´ve had a long time that I don´t play in the domination server, but I´m back. everytime I´m trying to enter the server it says that I´m banned for no reason... why????
» PoopDawg - Wed, 10:37AM -- Bla BLa BLa
» {zA}fate - Fri, 4:26PM -- was good to see you the other day, albeit breifly
» {zA}fate - Fri, 4:25PM -- got it. I thought maybe it was just my connection or something.
» {zA}SAINT_RICO - Fri, 7:23AM -- fate, is working on the issues
» {zA}fate - Wed, 6:38PM -- Hey all...played for the first time in a while today. Constant connections issues... is this normal?
» {zA}11Snowman11 - Tue, 1:31AM -- Anyone has time for GOT xD
» ChicagoMike - Mon, 2:53PM -- Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!
» {zA}11Snowman11 - Mon, 1:24PM -- Btw who watched the GOT episode?
» {zA}11Snowman11 - Mon, 11:29AM -- Its becoming cold here in the future
» {zA}SAINT_RICO - Sun, 11:20PM -- I second ChicagoMikes thoughts
» ChicagoMike - Sun, 10:44PM -- I would love to see more than just reports on this website.
» {zA}SAINT_RICO - Sat, 11:33PM -- Silentstorm!!! I have missed you, man.
» ChicagoMike - Sat, 4:11PM -- Co op games... Whatcha got?
» ChicagoMike - Fri, 10:32PM -- I'm so active!
» {zA}11Snowman11 - Wed, 1:17AM -- Hey hey Silent... where have you been!
» - Tue, 6:51PM -- Hello Silent... long time.
» ChicagoMike - Tue, 5:17PM -- Whoah whoah whoa! Where did you come from!?
» {zA}Silentstorm - Tue, 4:45PM -- Hai!
» ChicagoMike - Tue, 9:13AM -- Who wants to play Sea of Thieves?
» ChicagoMike - Wed, 9:00PM -- You people give me a headache...
» PoopDawg - Sat, 8:46AM -- Server quit 10:45 ect
» {zA}HASSAN CHOP! - Wed, 6:00PM -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE Contact Us Return to Top Return to Content Lite (Archive) Mode RSS Syndication