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Hello. I was banned on Monday (01/10/18) on server cod4. That day I played with Bottelroskt and Saintrico. They decided that I was playing with the ambot and I was banned. I have been playing on this server for a long time, I have never used cheats. For three years, I learned how to play cod4 well. Is it possible to get unbanned? My nickname Barsik. Thank you in advance.
Please use this format for your ban appeal. Otherwise your thread will be closed and you will be warned.

Name (when banned):

Other Aliases:

Punkbuster GUID (8 or 32 characters):

Date & Time:


Admin who Banned you:

Why you were banned:

Why you think this ban should be lifted:

If you appeal more than 4 weeks after the ban was given, you need to provide a GOOD reason for the late appeal.

You will never be unbanned if:
You are disrespectful in your post.
You did not properly fill out appeal.
You do not own the GUID in the appeal.
Your GUID has a public ban on record. (PBBans, GV, GGC)
Name (when banned): Barsik

Other Aliases: no

Punkbuster GUID (8 or 32 characters): 02e59ac2

Date & Time: 01/10/18, I do not remember the time


Admin who Banned you:

Why you were banned: the admin has given no reason

Why you think this ban should be lifted:
I have never used cheats or other programs that give advantages, using only my skill and experience. There are video recordings of how I play on this server.
On SaintRico not angry, we are all people, we can make mistakes.
Regards player Barsik
You were banned for RBM, whatever that is. Rico needs to upload a demo within the next 24 hours and also needs to define the meaning of RBM because I've never heard of it and there are a lot of bans for it.
No demo within 24 hours, the ban will be lifted.
RBM is short for Returning Banned Member. We use it for players that have bypassed bans in order to still play on our servers. It is also used for chronic repeat offenders; so we don't keep wasting forum page space uploading demo after demo for same cheating/glitching jerks. Pretty sure MikeEcho is the Admin who coined the term....
unbanned account listed on appeal
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