Full Version: Banned again?
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Name (when banned): Teal

Other Aliases: TEAL

Punkbuster GUID (8 or 32 characters):

Date & Time: 2/21

Server: ZA Domination

Admin who Banned you: No idea

Why you were banned: No idea

Why you think this ban should be lifted: Can't say until I know why I was banned.
TEAL ALL Shut the fuck up you fat mother fucker before i fuck your wife like the slut she is Wed, 02/21/18 (7:36pm)

This type of offensive language is not encouraged. I was the Admin who banned you; but it is just a TempBan for two days. Please refrain from hateful sh!t-talk in the future. It doesn't have to be cute and cuddly. It CAN be cheeky and smug......just not full throttle T.H.U.G. life-mode.
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